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    Who’s Buying Custom-Made Shirts? 

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    Nothing says togetherness like matching shirts, don’t you agree?  When a group of people are in the same shirt designed specifically for them, there’s a sense of pride, team, and inclusivity.  Who doesn’t want that?

    We’re going to tell you about the many different types of groups who buy custom-made shirts in bulk and why they love to do it.

    (Here’s the CliffsNotes: if you’re here to find out if custom shirts are right for you, the short answer is yes.) 

    Schools Buy Custom-Made Shirts

    We love school pride- from elementary to university, custom-made shirts are one of the most popular ways to show your school spirit.  There are so many creative ways to wear your school logo and let the world know where you hail from.

    The Greeks in college wear their letters loud and proud to parties, charity events, games, and to many other occasions, both school-sponsored and otherwise.  And what better way to show their union and camaraderie than in their matching custom shirts designed specifically for them?

    Because houses and schools are usually on a budget, buying in bulk is always a crowd-pleaser.

    Teams Buy Custom-Made Shirts

    It’s no shocker that sports play a big role in American culture and everyone has a favorite team.  That’s why teams love showing off their team name, logo, and mascot as much as possible.  

    Whether buying shirts to wear while playing their sport or to wear together at awards events, while washing cars to earn money for their school trip, or just traveling to away games, designing and purchasing custom-made team shirts are a huge part of team-community. 

    Businesses Buy Custom-Made Shirts 

    Team-building within your office may be somewhat new, but the industry is big and here to stay.  Providing your business team with well-made custom shirts is a fun way to bring your employees together and give them a feeling of belonging.

    Going to happy hour after work, playing on the work-sponsored softball team, or having a friendly competition between another inhouse company team are all good causes for some matching gear that shows off your brand.

    Breweries and Restaurants Buy Custom-Made Shirts

    One of the most popular reasons to wear matching shirts is when you work at a brewery, bar, or restaurant.  The servers all look great in their custom designs while running like mad to get your order in.

    And let’s not forget that many of these eateries and drinkeries have their own after-hours events and teams, so custom shirts are designed for both at-work and at-play in this industry.  

    Nonprofits and Other Organizations Buy Custom-Made Shirts

    As mentioned, buying in bulk is a crowd-pleaser so purchasing custom-made shirts in the nonprofit sector is very common.  Not only do you save money to use in a wiser way, you also generate feelings of kinship and identity.  

    All different kinds of organizations take advantage of the bulk-buying benefits of custom shirts.  Being money-savvy and stylish with your brand is an effective way to show your group that you believe in their loyalty and dedication, while having a bit of fun.

    Families Buy Custom-Made Shirts

    You’ve seen it before, that family picture on Facebook where all 20 family members are wearing the same shirt.  You think to yourself, “That family is a good time.” And you’re right.

    Family reunions, weddings, vacations, big birthdays- all great ideas for designing spectacular and unique matching shirts.  Don’t take our word for it- give it a try.

    The Takeaway

    Now you know that pretty much any group of people you can think of will benefit from some custom-made shirts.  

    Life can get complicated, the little things can bring about a lot of joy.  For your next team meeting, why not hand out some totally original and thoughtfully created shirts that will be sure to get a smile?

    We’re happy to help you do this–give us a call and we’ll get to designing specifically for you.


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