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    The Hawaiian Shirt Inspires Style and Mood

    Creating and designing custom Hawaiian shirts is a serious business.  Not only are they in constant high-demand, but they’re arguably the coolest piece of fashion ever because they can go everywhere.  Hawaiian shirts trigger a lot of feeling and offer a giant heap of style.  Today we’re going to talk about how men wear their aloha shirt and the subsequent mood that follows.  


    When the Hawaiian shirt was first created, it was made from women’s muumuus and those were considered pretty dressy at the time.  Today the shirts are still worn to formal events. To work. To weddings. To the theatre. You name it, a Hawaiian shirt is welcome. And the feelings from the wearer and the observer are very similar, this shirt says: bring it on.  Whether that’s the board meeting or the dancing, is up to you.


    Yes, an aloha shirt can be undeniably chic, let’s call it Hawaiian chic.  And it gives off all the super-chilled grandpa vibes. Imagine it’s 1945 and your grandpa is leaning against his Mustang, sunglasses on, chinos, white dress shoes with no socks, and sporting one of his many Hawaiian shirts.  Do you see it? That’s as chic as it gets. Today you can wear your Hawaiian shirt with pants or with shorts, wear it tight or wear it open and loose with a shirt underneath. But we always recommend no socks.  Nothing says “cool” like no socks.  


    You’re at a cookout and you see the guy walk over, the guy in the Hawaiian shirt.  Yes, he stands out with his casual style, so effortless. His hands are free because his aloha shirt offers two pockets and guys love pockets. He feels the breeze through his poly/cotton blend, lightweight shirt, so he’s comfortable and collected even though it’s 97 degrees out.   You tell yourself, “Next cookout, I’ll be that guy.”


    We’re not huge fans of the word “trendy” because trends tend to come and go and the Hawaiian shirt came, but never went.  However, you can always make your aloha shirt trendy when you match it with some new style. Try mixing prints or getting a little crazy with colors.  Or go monochromatic with your whole outfit. And if you’re wondering if Hawaiian shirts can be monochromatic, the answer is yes. Add a hat.  Tuck it into a pair of seersuckers.  Wear it open with a pair of jean shorts.  Put on a pair of boots with it. Do your thing.  All of it is correct. All of it creates a mood of confidence because you’ll be killing it in your trendy duds.  


    The aloha shirt is generally about both color and print.  Sometimes with these shirts, it’s go big or go home. So, you have a loudly colored shirt with a great big print all over it.  That’s a bold shirt right there and you should own it if that’s your current attitude.  But if you’re feeling more subtle, you can choose to make your Hawaiian shirt with just a couple colors, while still utilizing the big print style.  Or go the other way and have a lot of color, with a bit more empty space. Either way, you’re still making your point with the shirt: you’ve got flair, kid.

    The Takeaway

    Hawaiian shirts are an excellent wardrobe addition and you will never be at a loss when it comes to wearing one.  Once you put it on, you’re enveloped in a mood that’s sure to please. And that’s a double win. At Apparel Stuff R Us, we make aloha shirts for all shapes and sizes (this post was directed toward men, but we have a great selection for women, too).  If you’re in the market for a quality, laid-back style that will never be out of date, give us a call.

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