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    The shirts have been incredibly popular – thank you! As such, we are working up a second order. Our organization is quite large with only about one-third having ordered a shirt last time -plus- summers are typically the period of the year that experiences the most turnover (Marines leave and new Marines join the unit). Now that people have seen the shirts, and we have over half our new folks on deck, more people want them.
    Thanks again!

    — Jeremy Adams

    Good afternoon, Thank you again for the awesome work with our previous order. I’ve worked for my department for nearly 9 years and I’ve order many shirts for my time here, and the work that was done with your shirts are by far the best. Everyone was more than satisfied with the design, the fit, and the texture! With that being said I just spoke with Howard and he mentioned how we can order 35 shirts. I was hoping to make another order with a new logo. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

    — Darrien | With Education Department of Hawaii

    Howard was awesome! We custom ordered Hawaiians for our rugby team’s tour to NOLA in late February. Apparel Stuff r us was fast and easy to work with. Our order arrived 2 weeks early and the product was amazing! All the guys love the shirts. We can’t wait to show them off on Bourbon st. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a great company to deal with. Here is a shot of my shirt. More pics from NOLA to follow, Howard! Thanks man.

    — Jeff Desruisseau | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    I saw a great idea for a client gift at the very last minute. That company couldn’t turn our order around in under a month; I called Howard and he made our custom order in half the time! The design and printing were perfect! I couldn’t find any other company able to do that.

    — Patrushkha Mierzw

    The bowties from Apparel R Us have been one of our hottest items for years. The quality is fantastic and the staff has been extremely accommodating for us each year as we create amazing merch together. We’re so thankful for the team at Apparel R Us who constantly delivery quality and excellent customer service!

    — Sarah Quintas | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    Our order arrived when promised. Product is great!

    — Kerri Popp | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    Don’t do trade shows or corporate events without Apparel Stuff R Us. Their Hawaiian shirts are the envy of every exhibitor and attendee at every show we attend, and our employees love them! We had a few skeptics at first, but our Hawaiians have become our official event uniform. Thanks Howard and team!

    — Karen Leavitt‎

    Apparel Stuff R Us, led by Howard Greenfield is my choice from now on to get all custom design shirts. Great pricing, great service, and quality 2nd to none!

    — Ken Gutman | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    Howard and his team always provide exceptional service! Our company orders ties regularly and every single time the ties are perfect and of the best quality. The kids look sharp when they attend mass or go to special events wearing their ties. Definitely a pleasure to work this team!

    — Aleksa Foreman | Vicki Marsha Uniforms | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    These guys are the best! Had a pretty large order of custom Hawaiian shirts, and they absolutely nailed it! Beautiful designs and great quality. Excellent service- Mr. Greenfield is the man! He guided me through the ordering process and made sure to always follow up to ensure customer satisfaction. Would absolutely recommend!  😁

    — John Zacher | University of Notre Dame | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    University of Notre Dame

    By far the simplest custom apparel experience I have ever had! We just handed them our logo and their designers dropped it into a few templates for us and we went from there! Howard and his staff offer excellent service and are always there to assist you with any questions you may have. We ordered a large quantity of custom Hawaiian Shirts for our office over the holidays last year and the shirts turned out absolutely amazing. Our staff loved the shirts so much that we started an “Aloha Friday” tradition where we all where our new Hawaiian Shirts to work. Thank you Apparel Stuff R Us!

    — Garo Hasholian | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    I highly recommend Apparel Stuff R Us. Howard and his team are extremely attentive, responsive and professional. They were able to quickly fulfill our order and provided quality customer service. They clearly care for all of their customers and go out of their way to make sure all needs are met.

    — Summer Pettek | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us

    I can’t wait until I need to order more custom shirts for my company or friends or family. Howard made the process so easy and the shirts came out looking INCREDIBLE! We ordered custom Hawaiian shirts for my company and people LOVE them. We had executives wondering where they could get theirs. Might need to do some more ordering soon. 🙂
    Overall, Apparel Stuff R Us was amazing and I would definitely work with them again in the future. 🌴🌺

    — Jessica Pollack – Plan Grid | recommends Apparel Stuff R Us


    PlanGrid Tropical Fridays!

    As a co-chair of a large 25th anniversary black tie event for a foundation, there are a lot of things on one’s mind. When I discovered Howard he made just a little part of the planning so enjoyable and easy. His response to any questions I had, sending samples, helping me decide…you name it and he did it. He has a way of moving the sale along but in such a non-pressured friendly way. I am writing this testimonial even before I receive the final product. Now that is unique! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my bowties, neckties and scarves will arrive on time (if not before) and be beautiful. I’ll miss talking with you, Howard!

    — Marcia Shooshan