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Custom Apparel Is Our Business

Samples and pricing information on each page...

Custom Shirts Samples and Pricing

Custom Shirts...

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Hawaiian Style Shirts | Aloha Shirts | Camp Shirts

Custom Bandanas...

Match with Shirt | Custom Designs

Our custom made Hawaiian/Aloha Shirts & Bandanas are perfect for
trade shows, gifts & give-a-ways, incentive programs, special events,
gift shop merchandise & more...

Custom Ties Samples and Pricing

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Silk Ties | Polyester Ties | Woven & Printed | Extra Long Ties |
Clip-ons | Bow Ties

Each tie comes with a FREE custom Woven Label...

Our Neckties are available regular length, short or long. We also carry custom
Clip-On Ties and Bow Ties.

Custom Scarves Samples and Pricing

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Silk & Polyester Scarves | Many Sizes | 21" x 21" | 36" x 36" |
Long 45" x 10" | Custom

Our Womens' Scarves our available in any size you desire with our most
popular sizes being 21” x 21”, 10” x 45” and 36” x 36”.

We will create any custom size scarf - Get a quote.


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