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We are often asked to describe the step by step process involved in manufacturing your custom made products.  We hope you’ll find this information interesting and helpful…..

Step 1:  Dyeing the background color

Our first step in the manufacturing process is to dye the appropriate amount of fabric to match the background color of the shirts, ties or scarves. Once dyed, it is washed, dried, ironed and laid out on a very large table so the pattern can be printed.


Step 2: Print the pattern (spot Pantone PMS colors)

Our second step is to print your pattern on this very large piece of fabric.  Each color of the design is printed one at a time all over the fabric as a repeated pattern so that when completed will show your entire pattern (including the background color) all over the large piece of fabric. This process is done using high technology printing machines that use calibrated silkscreens and sophisticated software to ensure the ink is spread with a uniform pressure and depth to ensure an even finished product. The registration of the screens is managed by using computers to ensure EACH color is perfectly fitted to the others in its respective screen.

Step 2A: Digital printing

Should your pattern and/or logo contain gradient shading/halftones, we will do the entire printing of the fabric utilizing a digital printing process. There will be a small additional charge to do digital printing. Digital color printing is quite similar to how you print a document on you color desk top printer.  However, instead of printing on paper, we print on a very large roll of fabric…silk, poly or cotton. Once digitally printed, we proceed to step 3. The entire pattern is digitally printed at the same time just like your desk top color printer prints a color document.

Step 3: Cutting the shirt, tie or scarf pattern/parts

Our third step is to cut out the various parts of the shirt. Templates representing the various shirt parts (left & right sleeves, collar, left & right front and back) are laid out on the fabric to be used as a guide for cutting the fabric parts.  These templates will vary in size in accordance to the size of the shirt desired. As for the ties & scarves, a tie/scarf template is laid on the printed fabric and cut accordingly.

Step 4: Assembly & Packaging

We are now ready for our fourth and final step in the making of your custom made shirt, ties and scarves. Our sewing unit sews all the parts together and creates the button holes and sew on the buttons. The shirt is then tagged with the appropriate label on the neck, and ironed for the last time before it is placed in individual poly bags for delivery. The ties & scarves are hemmed, ironed and sewn. Then they are placed in individual poly bags and boxed for shipment. We sew on the labels for the back of the ties just prior to poly bagging.


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