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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your pricing competitive?

We’ve done plenty of research on the internet and believe our prices are the best available for the kind of Custom Made Apparel we specialize in. However, should you run across a competitor who is running a “sale special” we will meet or beat any price for comparable products. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD!

Why does it take 3 to 4 weeks to ship your products (without a pre production sample?)

Again, our research has shown us to be the fastest delivery on the planet for custom made shirts/ties/scarves and still maintain our excellent quality. You’ll find most other companies advertise 8 to 12 weeks for delivery.

Can you send me a sample of your products?

Of course…just send us your name and delivery address as well as your UPS or FedEx number if you have one & tell us what samples you’d like.

What is a virtual sample?

A virtual sample is sent to you via email & represents some pattern ideas created by our artists which incorporates your logo & theme. It is a beginning for our ideas into actual patterns. Of course, all of the patterns can be modified as desired as we work toward your approved FINAL ART.

View a sample "Virtual Sample" PDF

What fabrics to your Hawaiian Shirts come in?

Peach Skin polyester (looks and feels like silk), 100% Rayon or 100% cotton.

What fabric is your most popular and why?

98% of our customers prefer the poly because it is the most color fast, easy to launder, requires no ironing - basically wash & wear. Both Rayon & cotton will require ironing out the wrinkles after washing/drying unless you send them to professional dry cleaners.

What fabrics are available for ties & scarves

You have 4 combinations of choices for ties and 2 choices for scarves:

  • Ties are available in Poly or Silk, woven or printed.

  • Scarves are available in Poly or Silk and are printed only

What fabric or process do you recommend for neckties and scarves?

This is strictly a matter of your budget. While silk is usually the preferred fabric our poly is a little less expensive and feels similar to silk. Both fabrics should be dry cleaned.

Can I have art elements like palm trees or flowers, etc. on my shirts in addition to our logo?

Yes! Our artists have an extensive library of professional clip/stock art and can usually locate any additional art objects & artistic elements you’d like to incorporate in your design.

Can I have a photograph or art with gradients, shading and "tones" printed on my product?

We can print Photos and gradients!

Yes! New technology allows us to print photographs, art with gradual shading and tones on your custom ties, shirts or scarves.

Contact us for a sample today!

Can you also embroider our logo on your shirt?

Yes! For a small additional charge we can embroider whatever you’d like anywhere on the shirts. However most clients prefer to simply have the all over print without embroidery.

Do you also offer any accessories like gift boxes for ties & scarves?

Yes! We can place your tie or scarf in a gift box for an additional charge - from $2 to $3 for plain boxes or $7 to $8 for fancy gift boxes that have matching fabric on the outside of the box. We can even supply a box that will hold both a tie and a scarf in the same box or even matching cuff links - inquire should you be interested and we’ll send you some pictures.

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